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Weschler’s has been a venerable auction and appraisal firm in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area for more than 130 years. Consider Weschler’s to be your single resource for selling at auction. We hold over 60 auctions per year with a range of categories. Weschler’s has the unique ability to handle a single object or the contents of an entire estate, from fine art and antiques, to jewelry and collectibles.

Whether you wish to consign an individual item, a collection, or an entire estate, we would be happy to discuss your options.

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Follow 3 simple steps:

A representative from Weschler’s will need to review your property before it may be accepted for consignment.


Step 1. Consultation

Option 1: In-Home Visit

Arrange for an in-home visit with a specialist to have your property personally inspected. There is a fee associated with this option, however that minimal charge would be refunded if the agreed upon property is consigned to Weschler’s within three months of the visit. Contact Weschler’s to arrange a visit by calling 202-628-1281.

Option 2: Upload Photographs

Upload photographs and descriptions of your items by completing the form found here, or send an email (limit 5 photos).

Option 3: In-Gallery Appointment

Make an appointment to have your items reviewed by a specialist at our galleries by calling 202-628-1281.

Option 4: Consignment Day

Visit us on Consignment Day! Weschler’s hosts two Consignment Day events each month: 1) Join us on the first Thursday of the month between 9am and 2pm. No appointment is needed and our specialists are on hand to provide complimentary walk-in auction valuations. 2) Join us on the second Saturday of the month, by appointment, between 10am and 11am.  Click here to request an appointment or call 202-628-1281.  As a courtesy, please limit the number of items to five.

Step 2. Consignment Valuation & Step 3. Transport & Delivery

Step 2: Consignment Valuation

Our specialists will provide auction estimates based on age, quality, condition, provenance (history) and auction comparables (what similar items have sold for at auction), for the items under consideration. The specialists will also determine the appropriate sale category for the items. All the information relating to the consignment will be discussed, including reserves (if applicable) and fees associated with selling in each particular auction category. The consignor (seller) and the specialist will each sign a sales contract at this time.

Step 3: Transport & Delivery

Arrange to have your items delivered to Weschler’s. The specialist can assist in coordinating a mover, if needed. Our list of recommended movers/shippers can be found here. Property is received on Wednesdays and Thursdays, by appointment. To schedule a delivery appointment, call our office at 202-628-1281.

Once your property arrives at our galleries, it is inventoried and safely stored until the sale date.

More information

Weschler’s commission rates are highly competitive within the auction industry. Our specialists will discuss the contract terms and procedures prior to consignment.

Even the best property will not reach its potential unless the right buyers know about it. Weschler’s produces printed catalogues for its Capital Collections auctions, which are mailed to subscribers around the world several weeks before the sale. Each item is fully described and photographed. In addition, we publish online catalogues for all sales.

Weschler’s advertises through print, digital and social media platforms, including targeted advertising both domestically and internationally, and seeks appropriate press coverage to ensure the widest possible exposure for the auction.

Weschler’s settles accounts 35 calendar days from the date of the Capital Collections auctions and 7 calendar days from the sale date on which the last consigned items are sold for the Metro & Metro Online auctions. Itemized statements of the account are mailed with the settlement check after all payments by the purchaser(s) have been satisfied. Settlement is the hammer price achieved for your sold lots minus commission (and fees if applicable).

Our auctions:

Capital Collections Auctions

Capital Collections Auctions are high-end auctions which take place quarterly. These auctions typically include European and American furniture and decorations, paintings, prints, drawings sculpture, jewelry, watches, 20th Century decorative arts, rugs, carpets and tapestries. Capital Collections Auctions allow for conservative reserves (minimums) to be placed on the items being auctioned. A printed catalogue (available for purchase or subscription) accompanies each Capital Collections Auction. An online version is available as well. The catalogue offers a complete description of each lot, color photographs and an estimate range. In general, catalogues are available three weeks before the auction date. An exhibition takes place the week prior to the auction from Saturday-Thursday. Bidding for Capital Collections Auctions takes place online, over the phone, in person or by absentee bid.

Metro Auctions

Metro Auctions offer a wide variety of non-specialized items, including: quality furniture, collectibles, rugs, artwork, decorative art, silver, jewelry, books, and household goods. Items in these auctions do not typically carry a reserve (minimum), but we do our best to ensure consignments achieve their highest market values. Metro Auctions are held every Tuesday throughout the year. Preview for the Metro Auction takes place every Monday, with Saturday hours between Labor Day and Memorial Day. The online catalogue for our Metro Auction may be previewed on our website each Friday afternoon.  Visit our Upcoming Auctions calendar to browse!

Metro Online Auctions

Our Metro Online Auctions are held on the first Tuesday of every other month. Each sale includes approximately fifty lots, which are available for online bidding, in addition to in-person and absentee bidding. Items in the Metro Online Auctions may carry a reserve.

Timed Auctions

Timed Auctions take place online only and typically include specific collections or special interest categories. These auctions offer various opportunities to sell your unique property. Items included in our Timed Auctions may carry a reserve. We partner with Invaluable and Auctionzip (global online auction platforms) for our online auctions. In-person preview of our Timed Auctions is available by appointment. Please call 202-628-1281 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weschler’s specialists have expertise in the following areas: fine art, including paintings, prints, bronzes and sculpture; American, European and Asian furniture, ceramics, silver and early glass; Persian and Oriental rugs and carpets; Continental tapestries; jewelry, coins and watches.

Sorry, Weschler’s does not evaluate antiquities, dolls & toys, musical instruments, books & manuscripts, foreign coins & stamps, or firearms.

An auction estimate is the amount you could expect an item to sell for at auction, based on what items of similar age, condition, quality and history have sold for at previous auctions. Estimates are based on research using art and antique price databases and what we have seen similar items sell for in our auctions. This is not a guaranteed selling price, just our best estimate of what an item might sell for at auction. Selling at auction carries no guarantees, but we do our best to provide conservative estimates of auction value.

We do our best to respond promptly to all inquiries, but as we receive hundreds of requests each week, we can’t guarantee a response time. Generally, you can expect to hear back from a specialist within a week. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your inquiry. If you do not get a confirmation email, please call our office at 202-628-1281 to follow up.

No, Weschler’s is a consignment auction house. We don’t buy anything, but we sell items on behalf of the owner and take a commission based on the selling price.

Consignment Highlights

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Weschler’s provides complimentary auction estimates on up to three items. To begin an online estimate, our specialists will need: a detailed description of each item, any known provenance and at least three photographs of each item. At least one photograph should include any signatures or marks.

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