Monthly Consignment Day By Appointment

Weschler's Metro Online Timed Auction Takes Place Every Tuesday

Consignment Day by Appointment – Tuesday, December 14th, 9am to 2pm

What is Consignment Day?

The day Weschler’s specialists provide complimentary verbal auction estimates for up to three items* by appointment.

Please note: Weschler’s does not buy anything, but we accept items on consignment and sell them at auction on behalf of the owner. If your items are eligible for an upcoming auction, you can consign them with us that day. Please note that you are under no obligation to consign any of the items brought to Weschler’s on Consignment Day.

Please contact us to reserve a time slot with one of our specialists at 202-628-1281.

*Sorry, Weschler’s does not evaluate antiquities, dolls & toys, musical instruments, books & manuscripts, foreign coins & stamps, or firearms.

What is an Auction Estimate?

An Auction Estimate is a verbal estimate of what an item may sell for at auction, based on what similar items have sold for at previous auctions.

How do I make an appointment for Consignment Day?

Please call 202-628-1281 or email us to make an appointment.

Does Weschler’s provide written valuations?

Yes. Written valuations or appraisals, are done by our expert appraisers for tax, estate or insurance purposes. There is a fee for a written appraisal. Please call us for more information or to make an appointment at 202-628-1281.