Metro Auctions

Metro auctions begin every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Previews are held on Mondays from 9am to 5pm in our first floor gallery. In addition, Saturday previews will be held from 9am to 11:00am starting the weekend after Labor Day to Memorial Day weekend.

Our Metro auctions are the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the auction process, to start a collection, or to furnish your home. For the seller, Metro sales offer you an efficient way to get a competitive price and a quick turnaround on your property.

For more information, please contact us at 202.628.1281 or email

How to Bid at Weschler's - Every Monday at 12:15pm - Please join us for an informal 15 minute introduction to our Metro auctions. Gather at the 905 E Street entrance to unravel the mysteries of the auction world: What is an absentee bid? What are all these numbers on the tag? How do I bid on books? What is a bidding number? All are welcome; no reservations required.

Metro Online Auctions

Metro Online auctions are held the first Tuesday of every month during our regularly scheduled weekly Metro auctions. The Metro Online portion of the auction begins at 1pm. Online bidding is available through Invaluable and AuctionZip; absentee and in-person bidding is also accepted.

For consignments, please call us at 202-628-1281 or email

For help registering online, please call us at 202-628-1281 or email