Capital Collections Schedule

Capital Collections estate auctions are held approximately 6 times a year and combine American & European furniture & decorations, Asian works of art, jewelry, coins & watches, paintings, prints, drawings & sculpture and 20th century decorative arts. The auctions are held on Fridays and are available for exhibit the Saturday prior to the sale through Thursday. An illustrated catalogue accompanies each sale and is available for purchase and online viewing.

1419 Capital Collections Estate Auction
Closed for consignments
December 5 2014 10:00AM 909 E Street, NW, Second Floor G
1419A Audubons and Other Works - Metro Online
Closed for consignments
December 17 2014 10:00AM 909 E Street, NW, First Floor G
1420 Capital Collections Estate Auction
Consignment deadline: December 22 2014 10:00AM
February 20 2015 10:00AM 909 E Street, NW, Second Floor G